Using HereCast for your local community


Our mission at HereCast is to help keep people informed and aware of the things that are important to their local community. We encourage people working to strengthen their communities to add HereCast to their toolset for reaching their fellow locals. 

Here are a couple of ways community builders can use HereCast:

Drive awareness and get people involved

HereCast is an open, easy to use and free platform. Municipal officials and nonprofit leaders can quickly create a page on HereCast and start posting to your local community. It’s like a free digital bulletin board to post your announcements, updates, news and more. 

By posting on HereCast, organizations can reach their people to share information about upcoming efforts and decisions, and to drive awareness of all that they do with the broader community. 

Share the hidden stories that make your town special

So much about a local community is locked in the memories and conversations of the people who experience the place. Much of it fades away, not documented for the others who love the town to experience and cherish for years to come.

By finding and sharing these stories online, you can help give new power to these hidden tales, helping others discover the richness of interesting people and places that surround you. Increase pride in your community by making your town’s stories accessible and discoverable.

How could HereCast help strengthen your community? We’re just getting started and would love to know how we can help you achieve your goals. Please join us and give us your feedback to help us be the best place to share and discover local information.

Introducing HereCast


We’re launching HereCast today to be the best place for people in Vermont and New Hampshire to find and share local content.

We built HereCast because we felt a real need in our own region to create a better option for local information. Traditional news media is having difficulty serving customers, and attention is now aggregated in a handful of digital giants that aren’t providing a local focus. We offer an easy way for people to find and share information about what’s happening in their physical communities. 

Over the past 5 years, we have served thousands of readers in the Upper Valley region with our site Learning from numerous experiments, surveys, and user testing sessions, we have been constantly improving the platform and now we’re proud to open it up to all towns across both states under this new brand. 

Our prototype has proven that we can bring together advertisers, content creators and readers to create a truly rewarding local experience. In the past year alone, we’ve shared over $71k in advertising revenue with content creators and we’re just getting started. 

HereCast is your place for sharing what’s happening up the street and down the road: 

  • Discussions of municipal developments and concerns

  • Information about local current events

  • Updates about the organizations and businesses in your area

  • Stories about the hidden history and interesting people in your town

  • And so much more! No thought or idea is too small when it’s about the places we love

We still have a lot of work to fully enable our vision of what HereCast can be for more local communities, but we look forward to advancing our mission across the twin states. We hope you’ll join us at our new home, and keep helping us learn and improve!