Before Posting Double Check These 4 Things


Ready to publish? Take a few minutes and scan your post for the following:

Check your links

Make sure all of your links work or link back to some of your past posts that might be relevant.

Check the time

Unless your post is about breaking news, maybe posting at 1am isn’t the best idea. Schedule your posts for when more readers are online. Try posting early morning or before lunch when readers are more likely to have leisure time to read and share your posts.

Check your paragraphs

Do you have 5-6 sentences per paragraph? More than that can cause a reader to lose focus. Make sure to also include headings and subheadings where needed to help the reader follow along.

Does your post have a Call To Action (CTA)?

For example:

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  • Interested in learning more? Read this past post.

  • Have a question? Ask me in the comments.

  • Have a suggestion for a post? Comment below!