New on HereCast: Like Counts

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Starting today, you will see an update to the like button. Likes will now be counted! Months ago we changed what was the bookmark, which allowed users to save a post for later, to a heart. Since then we’ve decided to enhance the feature. The like count will appear next to the heart on all posts. By doing so, we want to give readers the power to show their support for posts they love and keep track of everything they’ve liked. 

You may have heard that Instagram and Facebook might be doing away with like counts all together. Why go against the trends of Instagram and Facebook? Well first of all, we aren’t trying to be them. 

We are building HereCast to be a place for locals to post and discover what’s happening around them, as well as show their love for local. We see like counts as a way for readers to be able to show their support for those who post beyond just a pageview, and give fellow readers a sense of what others in their area find important. In order to like a post you must be a registered user, so you can trust that engaged locals are the ones providing the feedback. 

We hope you will see this feature as a way to thank your neighbors and community members for taking their time to share local information with you. Whether it’s an upcoming event, a story about a new restaurant, town information… whatever it might be, if you like it, click the heart! 

Got feedback for us? Let us know what you think by emailing us at


The HereCast team