Stay Organized: Create a Content Calendar to Free You From Writer’s Block


Some posts come easy, while other posts… not so much. To avoid getting stuck and jump start your mind, get organized with a local content calendar. 

By creating a local content calendar you aren’t just keeping yourself organized, if your posts are more consistent in tone and topic it will also help you grow your readership. Here are some tips to help you keep track of sources, local information and upcoming events that you might one day want to post about.

Take note of seasonal happenings

If you’re posting about what’s happening around you, take note of seasonal events and activities. Take 10 minutes and quickly jot down a list of local events or topics you might like to write about in the upcoming months. 

Take this list for example: 


  • Town Labor day parade 

  • Community Supper (September 4th)

  • Selectboard meeting (September 8th) 

  • Apple pie recipes

  • Favorite hiking trails 

  • Local fair (September 12-15)

  • Foliage 

  • Apple picking

  • Art opening (September 19th) 

(repeat for the coming months) 

This doesn’t mean that you will write about everything on your list, it will just allow you to plan ahead and might spark some ideas for posts. 

Subscribe to local mailing lists or newsletters 

Being a contributor means you are a champion of local (Yes, you are and it’s awesome. Own it!) The more organized you are, the easier and more fun it will be to share local info with those on HereCast and beyond. Whether it’s a restaurant you love, an organization you volunteer for, or your town’s email list, be sure to subscribe to their email list or bookmark their website.

There’s a #National___day for everything. Get in on the fun!

There truly is a day for everything. National Pizza Day (February 9th), National Margarita Day (February 22nd), National Dog Day (August 26th) the list goes on. And on. 

Although these days might seem silly, (looking at you National No Socks Day) they also provide you with a prompt.

For example: in preparation for National Eat Outside Day (August 31st) you could write about or compile a list of your favorite local spots to eat outside, whether that be a restaurant, local park, a trail, or even your own backyard. 

If you want to lose an afternoon of your life - you can read all of the national holidays here

Your local content calendar doesn’t need to be fancy. It could be a simple word doc where you store your ideas, your calendar app on your phone, or an actual paper calendar where you jot down ideas and events. Whatever works!  The most important thing is that you feel ready and excited to post, when you want to post. 

Are you already doing something like this? Send me your tips to and I’ll include them at the end of this post.