It all started as a word doc: Mitzi Cunningham and how she created the page Weekend Wanderers


By: Jennifer Sensenich

Mitzi Cunningham is organized. She loves lists, “especially bucket lists” she quickly adds. It’s no surprise considering she started Weekend Wanderers, which is now one of the region’s go-to resources for family-friendly events and activities in the Upper Valley. 

Before creating her page Mitzi regularly created a word doc for her neighbors and friends filled with lists of day trips, kid-friendly hikes and weekend events. She explains how at the time her friend suggested she start her own blog, but the prospect of creating and managing a website deterred her. 

In late 2015 Mitzi found a home for these word docs by joining the site and posting weekly, but this time her audience grew past her friends and neighbors, to the rest of the Upper Valley community. “It felt natural since I was doing it already. I love to research events… and (with HereCast) you can be your own boss.” 

Nearly 4 years later, Weekend Wanderers now has close to 700 local subscribers on HereCast and over 1,000 Facebook followers. One Upper Valley local expressed her love for Weekend Wanderers in a local publication Seven Days back in March 2017 saying “she plans her weekend using Mitzi Cunningham's regular ‘5 Upper Valley Weekend Events’ post.” Since day 1 she has used her page on Facebook to promote her posts. “I saw the response to pages on Facebook and saw it as a huge source to grow my readership.”

When asked what she liked most about writing these posts she quickly answered “The response was very positive and it helped me feel more connected to my community… People were recognizing me and telling me ‘I read it all the time’… There are so many people that I met that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

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Note: Mitzi Cunningham recently moved out of New England and has passed Weekend Wanderers to another Upper Valley local. She explained to us that it was important she pass it on. “I will probably continue to find and share awesome events… I’m a very organized person and like making lists.”