Stand Out Online: Your Guide to Titling your Post


You did it. You created a post and you’re ready to publish. But wait… you need a title, and you’re stuck. Before you throw out the first title that comes to mind, take a minute to ask yourself:

  • What problem does your post solve? 

  • What question does your post answer?

And here’s why:

Keep in mind organic search

What is organic search? Organic search is when an individual types a string of search terms into a browser. Results are based on how the search algorithm rates how well a piece of content matches the user’s search terms.

For example, imagine someone is looking for fun events in Vermont this weekend. They might search for “Events in Vermont” or “Things to do in Vermont this weekend.” If your post answers the question “What should I do this weekend” then you could title your post “5 Things to do in Vermont this Weekend.” 

Organic search is a simple way for a reader to discover your posts and become a returning reader. When writing your posts think about what someone might search to find what you’ve written.  Your prospective audience doesn’t just live on HereCast, they live all over the world wide web.

Title your post appropriately

Keep in mind that online is no place to be vague. 

  • If you are writing about a specific person, include their name in the title. 

  • If you are writing about a specific business or location, include that business’s name and the name of the town in your title. 

  • The title should inform readers what the post is about while making them want to read more. 

Examples of really simple, yet engaging local content titles are:

"Brownsville Butcher & Pantry is delightful" 

The question that would come from reading this headline is “Why is it delightful?” and then a user might click through to find out what exactly makes it delightful. Also adding in the name of the town is a way to attract people who are specifically interested in that town or the surrounding area.

"Sgt. Frank on Norwich, Vermont: 'I just fell in love with the community'" 

Again this places the reader in the town of Norwich Vermont and a quote is a nice way to draw people in. It doesn’t have to be a fancy headline at all. Just something that is understandable and makes people want to read more. 

Avoid click-baity post titles that include phrases such as: 

  • “You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next”

  • “Click To Find Out”

  • “10 Things You Didn’t Know About…” 

You want a reader to click and feel good about spending their time reading your post. Don’t try to trick them into clicking on it, just to get a view. This could lead readers to think your posts are untrustworthy.